Learning Something New Everyday

I’m not much of a tech savvy, so when I went over to my sister’s house, I was really surprised by the marvelous things she can do with just a touch on her tablet. She can check on her friends, her family, her bank account, she can even do shopping and the items will be delivered straight at home! I was even more surprised to find out that she can also consult about EntirelyPets Pharmacy for her two cute puppies.

That one visit made me realize how much I am missing by not getting into the new fad of techies and whatnot. Right now, I’m just waiting for my tablet to be delivered so I can also multitask and find out how much easier life would be by embracing the ever-growing technology.

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How to Choose Ideal Outdoor Plants

Your home can be made beautiful in many ways. You can rebuild it, remodel it or buy a new house. There are also many things that you can do. But the easiest and less costly way to increase the elegance of your house is planting trees. Planting trees are like investments. So know about the outdoor plants.

For Shedding

Tress can be planted for the shedding. Medium sized trees are better choice here. But the trees should not be planted near the house.  The trees that we normally plant are huge. They are not suitable for relocation. So the tree branch can grow very big and obstruct the view from the house. It will block the necessary wind and the light. So the medium trees are the better choice.

For Cover

Many of us prefer to us the hedge for the covering trees. You can easily prevent the peeking neighbors with it. You will just have to plant the hedges and you will be able to have the wall in a matter of months. Hedges do not require any kind of care. You just have to prune them after some time. You may use common hedge or decorative hedge. You can plant the hedge near the pool area.

For Decoration

People have been using trees for the decorations for a very long time. You can also use the tree for the decoration of your landscape. You have to keep in mind those decorative trees needs constant care and you may not be ready to give that kind of care. However if you are determined, then you can choose the decorative trees. Decorative trees are the best suited for the front yard. But you may also use it for the back yard. There are no hard and fast rules about that. If planning to use decorative trees. I suggest you choose the seasonal pants. They change the color as the season. They will give your home a new look.

If you plant trees, they will return the favor by increasing the price of the when the trees grow. However, you need to know about the perfect trees that can be planted at the landscape. So plant trees and, make your life greener.

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Importance of Gutters and Gutter Cleaning

In the process of roofing, installing a gutter is very important. Anyone with a house knows that it is essential to have a gutter system installed. The gutter is where rain water goes; the gutter system directs the rain water away from the house.

It is essential to have a gutter and a gutter system installed. This prevents buildings from damage caused by water. Gutters are important as it protects the interior and exterior of a house. It is also used to protect landscaping from being washed away. With these reasons, it is important to clean the gutter system. Cleaning the gutters extends its life and its components. It must be cleaned thoroughly so gutters don’t clog up during rainy season. Slightly clogged gutters do not function properly, more so if the gutters are heavily clogged. The clogging may cause significant damage to the interiors and exteriors of a property which can be costly; so make sure that maintenance is done on a regular basis.

Make it a habit to clean the gutter or set a schedule with cleaning services. Having a gutter and keeping it clean is beneficial.

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Making Skype the Complete All Round Software Is Now Easier

Skype is the most popular and most downloaded video calling software on the planet. It is available on all platforms and operating systems. The new age mobile devices with secondary cameras also support Skype. It is a great way to keep in touch with people across the globe. The best part is that it’s free. Skype has been around for quite some time now and has been working just fine. There is only one complaint the some users have. It is regarding recording a call for future reference. Skype does not allow the users to record any calls at all.

Third Party Software Enable The Record Feature On Skype

Mac is an operating system which is very popular. The apple products are the crème Del crème of devices like computers and mobile phones. The software of the Macintosh operating system is pretty complex and not all third party software are available for the platform. However there is little software available on the internet like Movavi, which do support the Mac OS.

Steps on How to Record Skype Calls On Mac

  • The first step before using any software is acquiring it and in this case, the internet plays as the provider. A Google search would determine the best software out there and the links from where the files can be downloaded.
  • The next step after installation is to calibrate the software settings to the optimum level for better performance and output. These setting include format of the video captures, audio devices involved, etc. Normally the software evaluates and sets the correct parameters but they are all changeable.
  • The next step is the most important. The user has to make sure that the audio devices used by Skype and the software are the same. This can be changed by accessing the audio tab in the system settings menu.
  • When the user is in a Skype call, he/she has to adjust the area of recording and press record on the software window. The recording may also pause and played if the user wants. The shortcuts for these functions are normally included in a tutorial.
  • The next step is to edit the video. After the recording is complete, the users see a media player dialog box open up. Here the unwanted segments of the video may be deleted.
  • The last step is to save the video. After the all-important edit the user must open the save menu on top of the screen. The available format presets are present and there is also a custom option available. The most used formats are Jpeg and Flv.

The various software is also available for windows but the steps are a bit different. This third party software is also used by gamers who record their game play. The videos recorded may be saved anywhere on the HDD. The user may upload the videos to a website, burn the files to a DVD, etc. Skype is now complete with all the features everyone wished for.

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4 Ways Smart Lighting Will Change Your Home

The latest wave of technology hitting retailers could turn the lighting in your home into a communication network. Visible light communication, or VLC, doesn’t just automatically detect motion or daylight; it uses lighting to send signals to your smartphone. While VLC hasn’t quite hit the residential market yet, large retailers have already begun experimenting with it to track customers and send them information as they browse. For example, if you can’t find a product in your favorite store, as long as you have the VLC app you can tap into the lighting network to help you find what you’re looking for. While the applications of VLC are just getting started, it’s no surprise that the new technology could work its way into our homes in the future. Here are four ways VLC may change the way we look at lighting.

1. Automatic Dimming and Brightening

One of the simplest innovations offered by intelligent lighting systems like VLC is an automatic dimming and brightening feature. These systems can detect light levels and respond by amplifying or minimizing their light output. For example, imagine the cable lighting in your home automatically responding to sundown by gradually growing brighter. You would never need to worry about wasting electricity; the smart lights already know when to turn on and off.

2. Smartphone Control

If automatic dimming and brightening just aren’t enough, bring your smartphone into the action. Intelligent lighting is ready to sync to and communicate with your phone. While this could have myriad applications for homeowners in the future, right now it means that if you own a mobile phone you already have a high-tech remote in your hands. Sync your smartphone with your cable lights, lamps, and other lighting systems and use your phone to turn them on and off or dim them.

3. Motion Sensors

Besides detecting daylight, VLC lighting systems can also detect motion. Imagine moving from the living room to the kitchen and having the lights in your home illuminate your path as you walk. Guests who are new to your home could walk from the bedroom to the bathroom at night without fumbling for light switches. Additionally, because of the natural light detection, they wouldn’t have to worry about adjusting their eyes to harsh lights in the middle of the night. VLC technology means that soft, dim, automatic lights would help guests navigate their way around your home.

4. Energy Savings

In addition to being new, intriguing, and the latest high-tech gadget on the scene, VLC also has practical applications. Motion detectors, light sensors, and automatic dimming features mean that no electricity goes to waste. Even those who are skeptical of smart lighting will appreciate the savings it generates, which are sure to be reflected in your monthly utility bill.

VLC is just getting going, but with all of its potential for retailers and homeowners alike, the future looks pretty bright – no switch required.

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