Floorguard Epoxy Floor Coating

Ever stand back and stare at the awful state your garage is in? Between the shop work, the kids paint jobs and the horrible cycling of weather, the floor has taken a real beating. Things have been dropped, sawed and dragged all over it, and the years of wear and tear are starting to show. Short of pouring new concrete, you aren’t sure what to do. Considering cleaning the floor or just staining it as they do on home improvement shows? Instead, take a look at four reasons you should consider getting an epoxy coating on your garage floor.

1. Epoxy Is Almost Unbreakable

The makeup of epoxy is different than that of any other paint or coating. The covering is a result of a chemical reaction that causes the components to cure and harden. Instead of seeping into the porous concrete below, it lays on top like a hard-shell coating. It winds up being a polymer-type coating that bonds more fully with itself and the floor below it. The surface is a nice and new shiny epoxy garage floor Chicago.

2. Epoxy Is Moisture Resistant

The polymer coating reduces the space between molecules, therefore making it resistant to anything liquid. This serves two purposes. First, the concrete below will not be affected by any type of chemical or liquid that may spill or stand on the surface. Second, the epoxy finish will not stain. If your daughter kicks over a can full of hot-pink paint, you won’t have to worry about it being a stain on the floor for too long.

3. Epoxy Can Be Roughened Up

YOu may be wondering if the shiny surface is prone to slips and falls. The short answer is, yes, it may be. However, there is an additive to the mix applied that gives the coating a rougher appearance and texture. This makes it less likely to get slippery when wet and ensures no one will take a tumble coming in out of the rain.

4. Epoxy Increases the Appeal of Your Garage

While you may not be thinking about selling your house now, when it comes time to do so, an epoxy coated garage will be a nice selling feature. Buyers want to get the most bang for their buck, and a clean and stain-resistant garage floor may be something that helps decide between your house and another.

Thinking about all the traffic and weight your garage floor has to endure should make the decision to get an epoxy floor easier. What are you waiting for?

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Keeping Frozen Foods Fresh

With so many individuals pushing healthy living and organic eating, the grocery store seems to hold less appeal as you browse the baking aisle or the rows of potato chips. Choosing to grow your own produce is an excellent way to lower the cost of healthy eating, but sometimes the sheer volume is overwhelming. A secret to preserving the goodness of the garden is through cooking and freezing vegetables, casseroles and soups. Many choose to invest in additional freezer space, such as the gladiator garage freezer, to get the longest life out of their produce. Here are some great tips at extending the life of your freezer goods.

Be Selective

Although the Food and Drug Administration promotes freezing as a way to keep food safe and offers advice how long items can be kept, the longer something sits tucked away, the less likely it will taste amazing. The FDA has created a chart to help determine how long something should be kept, and our advice is to be selective with what you choose to store.

Utilize Storage Space Wisely

With limited space, the way you choose to store your goods will make all the difference. If you are storing ground beef in the freezer, flatten or roll your meat out into a thin layer and stack packages on top of each other. Eliminate as much air from your bags as possible. This also works to prevent freezer burn.

Use Small Containers

Not only do small container pack away easier in the freezer, but it also helps your food cool more quickly and evenly before storage. This helps lower the risk of bacteria breeding while it cools. Place new items in the coldest part of your freezer until completely solid before moving things around.

In addition to these space-saving tips, it is wise to thoroughly label everything you put in the freezer with both the name and what it is. Double wrap items and invest in quality freezer safe bags and containers.

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Things to Do After a House Fire

A disaster such as a house fire can seriously disrupt your family’s home life. Companies that provide fire restoration in Houston (and other locations) are available to help you get your life back to normal as soon as possible. Fire restoration involves obvious steps like smoke damage restoration and soot removal, but it also includes steps that may never have occurred to you. Water used in firefighting efforts may remain in your home even after the fire is out, potentially causing damage and promoting the growth of mold. Fire restoration should address all these issues.

Step 1: Contact Your Insurance Company

Fire restoration services can be quite expensive, so before you start looking to hire a restoration company, talk to your insurer to discuss the extent of coverage under your policy. Be sure you understand what your policy does and does not cover.

Fire restoration cannot begin until you have signed a contract with the company, but be cautious. Once you have signed the contract, it is your responsibility to pay for services. That means that if your insurance claim is denied, you are on the hook to pay the restoration company. It may be a good idea to go over the contract with your insurance agent first to ensure that everything is covered and you’ll get no nasty surprises down the road.

Step 2: Choose Your Restoration Company

Your insurance company may recommend a fire restoration company to you, but you have the freedom to choose any company you want. It may be a good idea to shop around for the best price.

Step 3: Obtain an Estimate

When you contact a restoration company, you should walk through the home with the representative and point out the areas that need particular attention. After your walk-through, the representative should provide you with an estimate for services. The typical price range for fire restoration services is between $3,000 and $27,150, and the national average is $12,584.

A number of factors, such as the extent of the damage, will affect both the cost of the restoration and the time it should take to complete it. After assessing the damage, the fire restoration representative should be able to provide you estimates for both.

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Ways To Modifying Your Living Space

Your home must provide comfort to your family and guests. To that end, some homeowners like to toy with their rooms’ layouts periodically, and their inspirations can include holiday seasons, life events or short-term visitors. If you enjoy frequently modifying your living space, the following products could save you time.

Adhesive Hooks

When hanging items from your walls, consider adhesive hooks. Nails and screw-in hooks create holes in drywall and cabinetry. Today’s adhesive hooks include a tab that enables simple, damage-free removal. These hooks feature clear, translucent or opaque plastic in a spectrum of colors, and they allow easy movement of elements from one location to another within a room or home. Use them to hang frames, clocks, keys or other things that fit your tastes and needs.

Mountable Lights

Have you ever wanted to place a lamp in a spot that does not conveniently reach one of your electrical outlets? Wall-mount lights can solve your problem. Multiple styles of this type of light exist. Some mount with adhesive. Other brands use metal fasteners. Available products in this category allow you to choose battery or solar power. Pick the type of mountable light that suits your life.

Caster Wheels

If like to move furniture about your rooms regularly, caster wheels from a company like Chicago’s Access Casters can help you move large pieces by yourself. Whether you want to easily roll a slipper chair, coffee table or chesterfield sofa, the range of available, modern casters offers multiple options. With properly selected caster wheels added to your furniture, you might even rearrange your living space more frequently.

Remember that you are in charge of the design decisions you make for your space, so wrong decisions do not exist. Helpful products like those mentioned above let you change your space’s layout as often as you wish. For the best chance at interior-design bliss, give yourself permission to make changes daily until you discover the perfect living-space layout for your life.

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The Hottest Landscaping Trends for 2019

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced gardener or just getting started – it’s always worth keeping an eye on hotly-tipped landscaping trends for the year ahead. By doing a little research now, you’ll be able to pick up some bargains in the winter sales and get ready for whatever work you need to do in the spring.

To give you a little inspiration, here’s our pick of the biggest gardening and landscaping trends for 2019.

Garden ‘rooms’

Creating ‘rooms’ within your garden is something that is really set to catch on in 2019. The idea is that you separate your garden into distinct zones, with each of these areas serving a different purpose. For example, you could have an area dedicated to home grown home grown produce filled with potted herbs and vegetables; a section that’s just for the kids to play in; and then then an area for family dining and socialising. By working with ‘rooms’ instead of landscaping the space as a whole, you’ll be creating a garden where everyone has the space they need.


Sculptures are going to be huge in 2019, and the great news is that there are really no rules with this landscaping trend. You can keep it classical with Roman-inspired statues (perfect for a Mediterranean herb patio!) or go contemporary with avant-garde metal sculptures. If you want to go for a more low-key and natural take on this trend, add some feature stones to your outside space. They will look equally fantastic whether they are displayed prominently on your lawn or sat back in your flower beds.


Next year, more of us than ever will be getting on board with the concept of sustainable gardening.

There are a number of ways you can keep your garden as eco-friendly as possible. Using solar-powered lights to illuminate your garden will cut down on your electricity usage, and growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs will lessen your impact on the environment too, as you won’t need to nip to the supermarket to stock up on fresh produce quite as often. If you are planning to redesign your garden, then put in some bee-friendly plants to attract these little miracle workers to your space, and use reclaimed materials within your landscape design that could have otherwise ended up in landfill.

Relaxed & asymmetric

Gone are the days of precise, super-structured landscapes. Homeowners will be going for a more natural, asymmetric look in their gardens in 2019. You can tap into this trend by creating natural, curving flower beds finished with natural stone borders, or establishing rockeries filled with wildflowers. If your outside space is big enough, laying down some informal pathways that lead to areas you want to draw the eye to. This relaxed, unpolished look is really low-maintenance, too, making it ideal for the more casual gardeners amongst you!

Staycation spots

With many of us feeling the pinch, a summer holiday in 2019 is something not everyone can afford. A great way of getting around this is to create a staycation spot in your garden. Yes, it might sound a little crazy, but hear us out! With sandstone paving and beach plants, you can build your own little corner of paradise in your back garden. Just be sure to pick the sunniest spot possible, and invest in patio heaters, fire pits and parasols that will protect you from the elements when the sun eventually goes down.

How will you transform your garden in 2019?

You could stick to one trend or take elements from a few – it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that, regardless of your tastes and preferences, you are able to create an outside space that’s stylish and works for everyone in your home.

Follow these gardening trends for 2019 and we guarantee that by next summer you’ll be enjoying a beautifully landscaped garden that will be the envy of all your neighbours!

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