Mapping Software

Have you heard of Mind Maps? Well it is a really great way to lay out anything into a logical flowing order. You can analyze anything that can be put to paper or software, in this case. Just follow the previous link for more information on Mind Maps. It will take you to the website of There are over 1,000 Mind Maps that are available. You can upload your Freemind, MindManager, and JPG mind maps; they all are available through the website.

I found some of the most interesting things with the many Mind Maps. There were mind maps of Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and King Lear to name a few. So, you can find many pieces of material that are great for self improvement and that can help you to study a subject that you might be having difficulty with. These can be a great benefit and aide to someone who is studying for a particular test.

I wish that I had heard of Mind Maps before; I could have learned a lot of information and retained it a whole lot better. It seems to me that my mind and memory works a lot like a camera anyway. So to have one of these mind maps would have made all the difference in my retention of something that I was trying to learn. Well, now they are available to you. Take advantage of this opportunity to help you to learn and retain what you are learning with Mind Maps.

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