Are You Financially Fit?

The question is “Are you financially fit?” At they provide Bills IQ, this is a quiz to let you know about your financial score. Now, I just took the quiz about how good my Credit, Debt, budget, Life Plan and Wealth. After I took the quiz, I realized that I need Debt help from them. Well, the result is not really bad, it’s 80% C. I am not bad when it comes to paying my credit card debts bills. But it makes me sad about my life plan. I am not ready of those and I can’t afford to have one yet, I hope someday. BillsIQ helps me to think those question if I am ready or not. They gave me advices about how good or bad my credit is. They gave a message since I pay my credit card monthly. What a great Debt relief after I took the quiz. I thought my credit line is bad.

I think all of us don’t like debts but debts are already part of our lives. Sometimes, we can’t handle and get over it because a personal problem comes out and we can’t manage our finances anymore. If you need Credit counseling, just visit at because they provide a lot of information about debts. They will give you tips and resources about your situation. Check them out about their Debt consolidation.

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