Baby Showers Celebration

Baby shower is really a great help especially if you are first time mommy. About a week ago, I attended two baby showers with a friend in my area. I enjoyed it very much and we had a lot fun. The one who conducted the baby shower had prepared a lot of games. We didn’t expect that there are so many visitors too. Everyone brought special present for the mommy and the coming baby. They didn’t expect that two of her friends gave her two travel cots. Well, they are going to return the other one in the store and exchange a new baby stuff I guess. Travel cots are very convenient for both the baby and the mother. It is also safe for the baby if you are unattended with your baby.

My friend likes to go out and run outdoors so I have decided to give her a pushchair. Pushchairs are good especially if you love to go out and run. You can bring your child along with you while you are doing your activity. I am sure she will need this because she needs to lose those fats. By they way, my friend is a body conscious.

I think my friend received a lot of gifts but except one, the baby crib. So all of us who were in the baby shower, we contributed money so that she can buy a crib. She will buy her crib from, they have a lot of baby cribs that she can choose in this store.

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