Are You Normal or Nuts?

Are you some kind of a person who is shy? Or let me ask you a question like this, Are You Normal or Nuts? Which personality that fits you? I myself can’t answer this question. Until I found this website and I found their article about Are You Normal or Nuts? After reading, it makes me think if I am normal or nuts but I know now where my personality characteristic belongs. Sounds interesting huh?! I guess you better find out yours too and tell me about it.

One article their about afraid of high places, like tall bridges or even the balcony at church. If I relate this in life, life is unpredictable you know. If we don’t try, we can’t learn our lesson. So why not face the truth, if you fall then stand back and correct it? For example a child wants to learn how to ride the bicycle, if she won’t try, she can’t learn. Well then, just keep on trying until you succeed in life and don’t be afraid.

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