Family Beach Vacation

About five months ago, we were in New Jersey for a family beach vacation. Normally, hubby and I have a travel in New Jersey for at least once a year. We have friends and in-laws there. Anyway, I really love the beach and I want to go back there. We were in Wildwod Crest and then the North Wildwood. These two beaches, I have no complains about it, they are good and world class. My children loves the water and by playing the sand. They love to build sand castle.

During our first day, we spent all day at the beach but on the second day, we were in Morey’s Piers. My children had a blast in the parks and amusement rides. My eldest asked me if we can stay there all nihgt long. Ha-ha, I think it was funny, well, I told her that we can stay as long as we want but not the whole night. It was really an awesome vacation because we visited the Six Flag or the Hersley Park.

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