Travel Blanket

Here is an item that is going to be in great demand very soon. It is going to be especially popular to passengers on certain airlines that are reducing customer services. And actually this item called the Cabin Cuddler will offer the user the added benefits that a blanket on an airline does serve. It is not only a travel blanket, but it is also a blanket that you can use anywhere that you are feeling a chill, and it comes with an inflatable pillow also. It is conveniently contained in the included carrying case that is easily carried atop your carry onboard luggage. Yet, whether you want to use this at home, in the office, traveling on the road, at sleepovers, or on an airline, the Cabin Cuddler is perfect for anyone that wants to stay warmer. It even has a foot pocket, that is something that you will not find with the blanket that have been provided for airline passengers. If you are looking for a way to stay warmer with the convenience of portability, then follow the above links that will take you to the web site of the Cabin Cuddler for more information. It comes in two colors, black and cranberry, and the tote bag is reversible. Buy two and get free shipping.

Sponsored by Cabin Cuddler

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