bathroom furniture

We are fortunate to have two bathrooms, one that was supposed to be for the boys and Chris, and one that was supposed to be for me and Kaitlyn. I use my bathroom shelves to store all my hair and skin products, makeup, hairdryer, etc., but I never use the shower and rarely use the toilet. Why? Well partly because the water pressure going to that bathrooms are so bad, that showering is like having a garden hose trickled over your head, and the toilet, well, it’s not good to use it too much since it barely has any water going into it.

Also, the sink is marble on top which is nice, but the previous owners left a big sticker on it with the cleaning instructions that won’t come off without scratching the marble. And the faucet handles are clear acrylic but over the decades, mildew has built up in them and I can’t clean them out. I know. Eww.

So, I’ve been browsing sites looking at new Bathroom Suites. A “suite” refers to a complete collection for the bathroom- bathtub, toilet, sink, faucets, and the tap handles. If we could fix the problem with the pipes and actually get the water pressure up, I would definitely want to do some remodeling. A site like would be a great way to start, to give me design ideas. I’m sure a lot has changed in bathroom furniture since this house was built in 1959, which is when I’m pretty sure the existing sink, tub, and toilet were purchased.

What about you, readers? Are you planning any remodeling projects this Spring or Summer?

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