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Samantha is a woman on the go. She juggles not only wife and mommy duties but also a part-time job as a wedding planner. You can say that a simple tool that can help decrease the number of things she needs to do in a day can make a huge difference in her daily life. Like the newest iPhone Voice App called Evie.

If you are dependent on your iPhone like Samantha, this voice app will make your life a whole lot easier! Consider this. Evie is like a personal assistant that is always on standby. You can make phone calls, find places, play yur iPod, play songs and a whole lot more just by telling Evie about it. She will do what you want her to do! You can even hear Facebook updates. Just tell Evie and she will deliver. For women on the go like Samantha, for moms out there who are juggling home and work life, for people who are always on the road, and everyone who has an iPhone with them, go ahead and download this voice app now! Remember Evie. Download Evie and make your life easier. Go to and download the iPhone voice app that will get you connected all the time – hands free!

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