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Phone applications have been very popular these days. With the existence of smart phones and internet phones, the more applications is demanded by the general consumers, more specifically, the teenagers. The battle in the market today is between the two giants, Android App versus iPhone App.            

One time, a friend of mine bragged to me a new phone app that she was able to download. It is a mobile matchmaker application that never fails to ease away her boredom whenever she feels tired and bored. I tried to download it to my net phone also and indeed it was true! I am very impressed with how such application was designed. It seems like a tool for socialization and not just for mere dating and/or matchmaking. You see, I am a committed person but still, I don’t see any malice in using the apps to meet other men for the reason of plain “friendship”. If I were to rate this apps among all other apps in the Android market, 1 as the lowest and 10 as the highest, I would definitely rate it a whopping 10! I suggest that you should all try it and see if it gives you the same fun that my friend and I had while using this app. You can download the app and enter in promo code “SocialSpark” to get 1 week of premium service for free.

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