Cholesterol: good or bad?

You want to omit the food rich in cholesterol but don’t you know that we also need them? Yes, our body produces them, it is said that the liver daily makes about 1000 mg of cholesterol and we also get them through plants and animals moreover it is permitted that we should only consume about 300 mg of cholesterol per day.

Stop eating food rich in Saturated fats (bad cholesterol), this are low density lipoprotein that clogs your arteries making you susceptible to stroke. Saturated fats are found in butters, meat, bacon, and dairy products. I’m not saying that you should not eat this food, but just keep it to minimum. However unsaturated fats (good cholesterol) or the high density lipoprotein are the one that’s good for your body and you can get this in nuts, fishes, vegetables and seeds. Whatever you are eating, always check the label for its nutritional content.

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