How to date a woman

When I was single I had my ups and down about dating. Whenever I go on a bad date it just ruins my entire day because you just wasted your entire day feeling mad after. So how do you spice up your date? If you’re a man you should probably have a counter plan whenever your first plan isn’t going smooth. Women want you to be more romantic or fun.

Make a good first impression, go take a bath, shave and put on some cologne or perfume or something to make you smell nice. Women loves hygienic men, but not overly hygienic because it’ll be a turn off too. Compliment her, tell her what you think about her, how stunning she looks but don’t flatter her too much. She might think your exaggerating. Keep your conversation cool; go through a variety of topics, things that interests her not just you. That way you can get to know each other more and lastly respect her, don’t get a little clingy or feel like getting laid after because it’ll never happened. After a date, get her number and tell her you had fun. Kiss her on a cheek and say goodbyes for the day. Don’t rush her, you’ll get there.

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