Guitar Grip

I remember my first guitar. It was a gift from my father when I was fourteen. It didn’t last long though. I hung it on the wall after I used it but in seconds, my precious guitar was on the floor… shattered. And so was my dream of playing with it.

Few days ago, my sixteen-year-old brother-in-law decided to learn to play guitar. The memory of my broken instrument popped in my head. I told him about the incident and I recommended that he should buy a guitar stand. He considered my suggestion but eventually said it is just an accessory and he didn’t want to ask money from his sister (his guardian). I explained that the stand will provide support and keep his guitar safe when he’s not using it. Besides, he can save money from his daily allowance. We searched for guitar stands sold online and the ones that have caught his interest were the guitar stands at Musicians friend. The prices are reasonable and he loved the designs. I’m pretty sure that before Christmas, he will have enough to buy one.

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