Spare Your Back

We have this carpet in our living room that I used to wash and clean with my mother. My mom is the kind of person who does things on her own especially if she thinks paying for someone to do it will cost her a lot of money. She tries to save money in every opportunity that she sees. So every time there’s a spill or big stain on her precious carpet, there we are (or just me or just she) with our cleaning stuff.

Cleaning the carpet was never fun at all. My back hurt. Also, it is very frustrating when you think you’ve put so much energy but still, there’s this trace of stubborn stain you can’t remove or the unlikable odor that remains. I once relayed my carpet-cleaning story to my aunt friend and she told me about the services offered by carpet cleaning raleigh nc. Next time, I will convince my mom to contact and hire someone to do the dirty work. Besides, cleaning is their expertise and not ours.

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