The Varsity Team’s cliques fun run

The most popular and the most elite students in a university are either the varsities or the cheer leaders. What kind of sport does a varsity play doesn’t count against his or her popularity. Volleyball, basketball, skiing, dodgeball and the latest Frisbee; which of these sports they play, varsities are to do for and to die for of almost everybody in the University. Our varsities each have their own set of cliques. Clique is just another word for follower or fan.

Each of these cliques competes with each other in organizing functional activities to establish their grasp of turf. Our group of cliques organized a fun run. To save from spending money we can’t afford. We decided against giving free jerseys instead we decided on cutsomized trading pins. Only the designs are what we haggled over not the price.

Surely cliques can afford to give away customized trading pins. There are over a hundred of us in the Frisbee cliques we’ll only accept 200 entries to the fun run. Two cliques could pay for three pins, that wouldn’t be too much. Oh there’s snacks and water for the participants too. Maybe that wouldn’t be too much against the price of jerseys.

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