Why Social Games are Getting Popular with Girls

Gaming is becoming popular with girls. In fact, girls comprise 55 percent of the online gaming community and 56 percent of the social networking community, which is 81 million girls total. Though many of these girls are young, the older population over the age of 55 comprises a large portion of the social gaming community. Here are some of the reasons why social games are getting popular with girls:

1. Girls Are More Involved with Social Media

Girls are already online. They dominate social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Sixty-four percent of Twitter users are women, and 58 percent of Facebook users are women. Since many girls update their Facebook pages daily and are already online, gaming is just another way to engage their Facebook friends. They can communicate with friends and engage in an online game easily from their Facebook pages.

2. Playful Way to Compete With Others and Teach Responsibility

Girls have fun when they are playfully competitive with other females. This helps girls learn skills faster and become more innovative. Online gaming is a great way for girls to engage with others, exercise, in some instances and develop dexterity.

If your daughter wants a pet, you can witness her responsibility skills with virtual pets through games online. There are so many things that virtual games will teach girls. Virtual games should be considered for fun and also learning.

3. Great Way to Meet Other People

Online gaming allows people an opportunity to meet other people. When playing games that allow multiple users, you can meet your competitors and chat online. If you are particularly intrigued with a gamer, you can meet in person. Studies show that 42 out of every 100 people meet and find love from another gamer online. The attraction factor to nerds is growing. Women are finding that it is cool to be a nerd and be attracted to one. Meet like-minded people while gaming and develop lasting friendships.

3. Girls Comprise the Majority of the Gaming Community

Girls love technology. As 55 percent of the online gaming community, girls are loving games such as Bejeweled Blitz, Pet Society and Bubble Safari. Some girls are even playing Mafia Wars and Texas Hold ‘em. Female gamers are having just as much fun as the males. There is a gender switch occurring in the gaming community that is surprising many people who traditionally thought that females were not interested in games as a social outlet. Experts expect more games to be catered to what females like to do.

Social Games and Girls are the Next Best Thing of the Future

While the Internet has been once thought to be a place of danger for girls, there are some positive aspects about the Internet in the gaming community. Girls are meeting decent guys by gaming and meeting people who are safe. Nerds are developing a better reputation through gaming and other social outlets. Girls love social games because they can meet people and participate in fun activities without investing a significant amount of money.

Written by Darren W.
Darren works as a web designer and is an online gaming enthusiast. His latest addiction is the ‘King Kong’ on http://www.playfreeonlinegames.tv/games/free-slots/. Darren also writes reviews on the latest released games.

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