I want to go to Japan!

Ever since I was a kid, I really dreamed of going to Japan. Most kids would dream of going to Disneyland but not me. Maybe because when I was a kid, I like watching anime, I’m crazy about them, until now. There’s something in their animation that makes me wonder about Japan. I liked how they preserved their culture, despite the booming technology. Even through the anime they make, although some of it have absurdity, perversion and wickedness, they never fail to showcase Japan’s culture.

I love the cute school uniforms, how I wish those were my uniforms back then. And they change it according to season, pretty cool huh? I want to go a festival and wear a Yukata and Kimonos, their traditional dress; I want to try their street foods and go to a shrine a make a wish or pray. And most especially I want to see the Sakura tree (Cherry Blossom), and see its leaves falling telling you its fall.

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