My Gifted Nose

I am very proud of my nose. My nose is small and just right but it can do a marvelous thing. I can make a big bubble from my nasal secretions! No, I was just kidding.

I used to tell my husband I have an above average sense of smell. It amazes not just me but my husband as well that I can dissect the ingredients used and the condiments added in a dish. I can tell from afar what our next-door neighbor has been cooking or what he just heated in the microwave. Even if I am inside a closed room, I can tell if it’s raining. Sometimes, he tells me I have my sense of smell is like a dog’s!

It is wonderful if all I can smell are the delicious aroma of food and the soothing scent of coffee. But when I sense the odor of animal poop and the unpleasant tang of a wet and dirty dog, it is like a curse.

It makes me think that if infants use their mouths to explore and learn things, I might have used my nose more than my mouth.

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