Protection and Self Defense

My wife and I have been trying out new things. We’ve been skydiving in New Zealand and mountain climbing in Tibet. We love to travel and do so many things together. This is our mantra. For as long as we could walk, we would travel the world. Another thing that we love doing is going to the shooting range.

We have enrolled ourselves in Boise CCW Classes which we both find really awesome. We get to let off steam and there’s a sense of power when you hold a gun. We don’t own one yet but eventually the Utah Concealed Weapons Permit Classes in Idaho will train us before our purchase.

Shannon was thrilled when we started our lessons. She said that it was important to her to know these things because safety and self defense is always a priority. That’s why I got her to join me at the Boise Idaho FirearmsTraining. When we’re done, we will be applying for a permit to carry firearms.

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