Trouble With An Ingrown Toenail

Did you have this excruciating pain in your toes, and the pain shoots just by wearing your shoes. Yes I have those foot trouble, my ingrown nails hurts so bad that I wish someone would just kill me. Women and men alike have this kind of condition from time to time. Ingrown toenails occurs when your nails curve and dig in the skin of your toes. This condition is brought about if one wears tight fitting shoes. Your toe nails are compressed causing it to grow inward. This is accompanied by inflammation or worse, abscess. And if left untreated it may require surgery. Ouch!

Every time this happens to me, i just wash my feet thoroughly with a germicide. Then I soak it in a warm water to soften up the skin and nail. I get my nail cleaner kit and dug the sides of my toe and lift the corner of my nails and cut it using a nipper. It’s really painful. My eyes were in tears just by doing that, but I have no choice but to do it. After that the sharp pain was gone, but I took a pain reliever just in case. It took me a week just to wear my shoes again, but I skip wearing heels for the mean time.

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