YesterYear Reaches Out To Women Shelters

Violence against women around the world is becoming rampant. With domestic violence being one of the common forms of maltreatment, the traumas that victims get are somewhat irreparable. In the United States alone, it is noted that domestic violence is the primary source of injuries of women. This has inspired concerned folks and social workers to build and volunteer in women shelters across the country. These organizations reached out to private companies for donations and aids in cash or kind. YesterYear Soap Company is one of the many who immediately responded to the needs of the women shelters.

YesterYear Soap Products were given to various women shelters to help the victims maintain good personal hygiene. People who are distressed usually would tend forget to take care of themselves, with emotions cluttering their spirit. Consequently, they might acquire diseases related to inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene.

Most of these women only have a backpack with them, mostly filled with clothes. When you are caught in a taxing situation such as escaping from the wrath of a violent partner, the only thing that you want to do is to leave—with or without money or any possession. Volunteers testified that battered women who just runaway from their houses would usually carry a small bag with just their personal belongings such as identification cards, bank cards, money and mobile phone. It is very seldom that they encounter victims that have brought with them adequate supplies.

This is just one dilemma that most women shelters encounter. The meager amount of donations that they get from public and private sector are oftentimes not enough to sustain their operations. YesterYear Soap Charitable Giving projects is just one example of how companies can reach out and help women shelters. The products that they wholeheartedly give are not substandard. These are of the same quality that they sell in the market. The ones that they donate to women shelters are surplus from their production. Instead of disposing these excess products to the bins, might as well use these for charity and be able to help. YesterYear also encourages commercial corporations to do the same.

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