A Story Of Success

There are only two types of people in the world, those who fail because they do not try, and the other one who fails, learns from it, and succeed. Not everyone has a knack for business, if you want to venture in this endeavor, but are afraid that you will fail even if you work hard, then listen to this story and be inspired to do great things. One of the most successful men in business today is martin hanaka.

He is the CEO and Chairman of Golfsmith, the leading retailer in golf related products and the Interim Chief Executive Officer, Executive Vice President of Stores and Director of Guitar center. He is very successful today, but things were not always good for him. Before, people doubted his ability as a CEO, because of the track records of his previous companies. So what he did was he strived to prove them wrong. Because of this he is reaping the rewards for his hard work and is now known as a great businessman.

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