An Unusual Day at the Beach

It was a family gathering so there were food and music as we enjoyed the solitary resort. Except for us, there was no one else who ventured to walk in the sand, build nice sand castles, collect colorful seashells, or take a swim in the beach. On a typical hot and sunny day, the resort’s huts will be completely occupied and many people may not even have their own shelter and have no choice but to go tanning instead.

Today, however, was different. Rain was pouring hard and the waves were big and threatening, but we still made up our minds to spend the day at the beach. At first, I personally believed it will be no fun at all but it turns out that I’m mistaken. Despite the raging waves, we took a dip near the shore and, together with my cousins, played a game that whoever goes down as the next big wave splashes us loses. How fun that was! Despite the negativity that surrounds you, you should always make the best out of it and strive to be happy. That is what I have learned today.

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