Children and Technology

With the advent of technology at this time and age, it is undeniable that the children of today will have a completely different childhood memories compared to ours. While we have a distant recollection of playing in the backyard, most of them will most likely recall the joy they experienced upon having their first hi-tech gadget. Children today are exposed to earlier usage of tablets, Smartphones and laptops. While it spells convenience for most, it is still undeniable to ask if this has a negative effect to their holistic development. Ensuring proper supervision will definitely make a difference with how these technological items can influence the growth of the children.

The use of these gadgets should be emphasized on the interactive applications which provide children better and easier options to learn while playing. This is also a convenient tool to help them know their alphabet and start with reading. They can also sing and dance. The benefit of technology to children is endless, but with the saying “extreme of anything is poison”, everyone should keep the balance between the actual and the virtual world of learning.

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