Lowering Humidity For My New Item

Just last week I just bought a new humidor. It’s been seasoned and I have some cigars in it. But my digital hygrometer is reading 80% humidity. So, I’m basing on how to lower it as well. Since it find it much harder too. My friends suggested me to be sure of first on how hygrometer is being well balanced; they can be sometime more than 10% wrong. also, for myself, I did find a easier way, and cheaper too, to maintain the proper humidity in my humidors, I was tired to fill my humidifiers with water, especially during winter, so I just poured some water in a little pot (unmineralized water, of course) and put the pot in a free place in my humidor, it is impressive how my cigars are always perfect, and the humidity is always around 70%.

In addition, when my humidor is really high in humidity, which is not really good for my cigars, I just lift the opening and let it open for 20-30 minutes, it’ll do the job!

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