Matt Brooks San Francisco – Chief Executive Officer

Matt Brooks is a high energy guy who likes to be busy doing something with his hands while his brain is solving problems. He is an accomplished mountaineer, sailor, pilot, inventor and real estate mogul. Matt Brooks, San Francisco entrepreneur, is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ardenbrook, Inc., Real Estate Company located in the San Francisco Bay area.

For more than 90 years, Ardenbrook has provided real estate and related investment services to clients in the Bay area as well as through real estate operations around the United States. Ardenbrook owns and operates a variety of housing, commercial, industrial and business properties. Ardenbrook also offers property management and design and build services.

Matt Brooks brings a high level of energy, and a motto that summarizes his approach to everything he undertakes, including real estate and that is “failure is not an option.” That philosophy drives home the point that everything has a solution, and it is imperative to work at it until the solution is found. Matt Brooks, CEO will find the solution.

As CEO of Ardenbrook, Matt brings a wealth of experience on a variety of levels and a sense of entrepreneurial spirit that is apparent in his thinking, strategy development and decisions. He is a bright and energetic leader that has an eclectic set of management skills that are unique due to his diverse background.

Matt Brooks, San Francisco businessman, knows the value of good communication and being the Ardenbrook, Inc, Real Estate Company point man on communication, keeps all parties, including the board of directors, the Ardenbrook real estate team and corporate operations in the know.

His organizational skills make him the right person for the job to direct the purchase and sale or lease of apartments, single family and multi-family homes, shopping centers, commercial and industrial complexes and office buildings. It is his responsibility to make sure all property entities are generating a positive cash flow to contribute to the overall success of Ardenbrook, Inc., real estate.

The management of Ardenbrook includes the day to day operation of the company as well as putting in place and eventually practice, long term strategies to make sure the company remains successful. Mr. Brooks’ skills as an entrepreneurial leader make the operation of the real estate company and the related transactions maintain their integrity.

Brooks also strives to uphold the overall philosophy of Ardenbrook, and that is to keep a balance of integrity and professionalism while maintaining a relaxed work environment. Mr. Brooks is well aware such an environment leads to an increase in productivity and job satisfaction. It also reduces stress, job burnout and related health issues and being a strong manager; Brooks strives to find ways to reduce stress to healthy levels.

All this equates to a staff that will contribute more insights to the real estate industry and strive to increase responsibilities, maximize the potential of the entire team and add efficiency to the real estate process. As CEO of Ardenbrook, Matt Brooks knows the value of an environment that instills drive and some small level of competition.

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