Medicine of All Time

Laughter is probably the best medicine that can never be bought from any medical drugstore or any other shop for that matter. Though it may not be solely responsible for the treatment of various diseases, at least it always brings anyone into a positive disposition, which aids greatly in the body’s healing capacities.

I am not an easy-to-make-laugh person. I don’t straightforwardly catch jokes and aren’t able to respond instantly with a cackle of laughter. Reserved as I am, there is still a funny bone within me. Though verbal jokes don’t hit me in the manner they’re supposed to affect everybody else, I find comical gestures and actions a whole different story. I never fail to laugh at Mr. Bean’s adventures, despite the lack of dialogues. I also find “Just for Laugh Gags” totally fun and entertaining, to the point when my stomach feels painful due to unstoppable snorts of laughter. How about you?

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