Sleepwalking: A Roommate’s Dilemma

When I was still in college, I had a roommate in the dormitory I had stayed in for over a year. We instantly became best of friends because we share mutuality on a lot of things. The room we slept in had a bunk bed and I was the one who preferred to take my slumber on the top. One night, I woke up because I needed to go to the bathroom. I was surprised to find that she weren’t on the bottom of the bed. I was completely surprised and horrified when I saw her, with eyes closed, entering the room. I asked where she came from and heard no response. Then it hit me. My roommate is sleepwalking! I hurriedly guided her back to the bed for her to resume her unperturbed slumber. When I told her about it the next day, she could hardly believe what she was hearing.

Sleepwalking has many causes, ranging from genetic tendency to a dire lifestyle. However, one can always lessen the risk of harming oneself by making sure that the environment is free of hazards such as sharp objects that can be bumped into by the victim. A sleepwalker is unconscious of the actions he or she is taking, so someone needs to be around to prevent the worst case from happening. I’m glad I was there during that scene, and I am thankful that it did not happen again. Nobody can imagine how terrified I had been!

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