The Dark Lady Vigilant

In the year 2025, a war between government and rebel factions has ignited. The city is now a battleground and innocent people are involved. Crimes take its highest toll, rebellion groups are everywhere, and the government is unable to control its growth. One night, a jewelry store downtown was being robbed by a bunch of small time rebels. Leader of the robbers took the jewelry manager and forcefully told him to open the vault.

Scared to death, the manager hurriedly unlocked the vault then suddenly the power turned off.  3 minutes later, the power went back on. Surprisingly the robbers are now tied on a chair and their weapons have vanished. A red card was left and it says, “You committed serious offense -Dark Lady.” The robbers laughed and giggled, insulting the cards description. A card rapidly flew through the door and struck onto their leader’s neck. Minutes past, the police arrived interrogating what happened. All they can say is that the jewelry store was saved by what she called herself “Dark Lady.”

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