Escape to the Nature

Nature is so inspiring that sometimes words are not needed. In these moments it’s the best just to sit down, relax, charge batteries, and feel the power of nature. Afterwards you’re ready to step to the next level such as swimming in the lake, taking pictures, lying in the grass, or whatever you like to do when you’re away from home.

My husband and I moved at the countryside and that was the best choice we ever made. Life is calmer here and although we work in the city we cannot wait to come home and enjoy peace that our home is providing us. Birds are singing, grass is greener, nights are quiet. I sleep like a baby and have more power throughout the day. Everything seems better. We made this decision one night when we couldn’t sleep because all of the sounds from the outside. As we both loved countryside it wasn’t surprising we decided to move. We chose a place near the city so we can take the advantages it provides. I would recommend it to everyone who suffers similar issues.

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