Ever Ridden Japan’s Bullet Train?

Mode of transportation’s for every county varies so much because every country has its own unique terrain, land forms and water forms. The most common mode of transportation all over the world be it the big Giants or the Third World are the buses, cars, planes, helicopter and the trains. Diversity of functions and features vary from one country to the other but basic mechanical works mostly are one and the same. Trains also differ greatly in every country where it work for catering to commuters or just cargoes. The latest fastest trains today are in China, it can accommodate up to 494 passengers.

But out of the World’s fastest trains I am particularly interested with the much filmed Bullet Train of Japan. Established in 1964 it expanded today to encompass 2,387.7 km of railway lines and could run as fast as 240-300 km/hr. that’s 666 m/sec. Well, that’s all right; it’s almost half the bullets’ actual velocities or speeds, the maximum of which is 180-1500 m/sec. I was bothered with this statistics, imagine a train careening at that speed and have to stop for an emergency, and you riding inside. That’s the claustrophobic me, but mind you I haven’t tried getting inside one; for I have not been to Japan. Friends do tell me so; it’s just like being inside a plane but the really creepy me couldn’t help thinking; oh no you don’t have to stop for another plane that’s going the wrong way do you? Technology today are geared towards which should and could be the fastest, are we hurrying for something to happen too? For me it feels like it.

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