Are all Saturdays Grandpa’s birthday?

Families especially the close knit ones traditionally have dinner or lunch twice or once a month in the old parents’ house. The family I have is one of traditional families. A week end with my parents and three weekends with my husband’s family. My husband’s father would have all four if it were not requested by my parents, since I am the only one far from them in the “next county” (this is whispered so Mom wouldn’t overhear).

The frequent week ends with their paternal family is hard to explain to the youngest of my children. Dad, just say its Grandpa’s Birthday whenever my little cuddle would ask why we’re spending another weekend with DadGrand? It came to our notice one day that he believes if a birthday falls on a date like his is the 11th day of March, he will be celebrating his birthday every 11th day of all months all throughout the year. “Why aren’t we having DadGrand and MomGrand over for dinner tonight, it’s the eleventh and it’s my birthday?” he said one 11th day of a month. When asked why he said all three Saturdays of the month is DadGrand’s Birthday. Mine is every 11th too.

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