Clear The Dance Floor

Any form of exercise will do in keeping our body fit for everything that we need to do. We can brisk walk and enjoy the fresh tangy air early in the morning. We could join the work out groups at the community club house thrice a week and the consecutive two days every weekend. Biking and mountain climbing are our main exercise routine. That’s only two days in a week but extreme they would go off for almost a mile winding into forests and mountain lanes for two days. That’s to and fro. We ladies have a regular program at the community gym; that’s every morning during week days, we’re needed at home weekends you know. The oldies will be there for lunch every Sunday.

We were in the gym one day a friend has a visiting cousin who belly dance professionally. The friend brought her to the gym to present to us and the belly dancer cousin would show us how professionals belly dance. We were awestruck and couldn’t round comprehensible complete sentences other than “wow” and ”ah”. Our instructor was star struck she kept trailing the visiting cousin.

Then after the usual chit chat the show began. “Clear the dance floor” our instructor shouted in keeping with her clapping hands as if shooing a chicken. The tension was broken because we all burst into an almost hysterical laughter. There’s no dance floor our instructor forgot we were at the Free Weights Section. We returned to the Aerobics and dance work out section so we could have a firsthand experience of seeing a real live professional belly dance. The community gym was large and modern divided into sections so as to avoid Gym intimidation on members, guaranteeing enjoyment and full cooperation from every community member in keeping fit through exercise.

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