Oh Gosh, Are You Gay?

Boy/Girl relationships can be delimited by how each perceive the scope of their relationship. Before in time when our parents were still in their adolescent years, boyfriend means a special someone but today it could mean so many things. You have a boyfriend whom you see in school, share assignments with and have lunch in the school cafeteria with. He could also be someone who fetch you at home with his bike and allow you to ride pillion then waits for you after school and bring you safely home. A best friend, a simple classmate friend, a neighbor friend or the ultimate guy who makes your heart beat faster, make your cheeks blush when he speaks and that’s that.

Ye, some calls them special someone. A Boy/Girl that fill your world with colorful rainbows and dainty butterflies. Hmmmp, every person can define feelings one feels with their own words. A comprehensible word, a grunt or a simple sigh, all these burst out from someone purportedly in love. Whatever it is one feels only he/she could give definition to it and comprehend the meaning.

Overheard from a six year old boy to a girl classmate who’ve been crying because her Mom left her at school to go to the pharmacy to buy his grandpa’s medicines. “Chay, where’s your Mom?” the little boy asked. “Why are you crying Chay?” the little boy then again asked. And for the third time the little boy again asked “Will your Mom, come here and take you home after class?” Tired of asking questions without getting some answers he spat out “Chay, answer me, if you will not, I’m going to kiss you.” Awww….even kids know how to go about with witty Boy/Girl relationship jest. Chay retorted “Oh gosh, are you gay?”

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