How to put them on Cover?

I want to take an old trailer hitch off something from the junk yard, but don’t know what is compatible with a 2005 Jeep Liberty. I asked my husband about it and it took time before getting some valuable information on it until a friend of him suggested us about a compatible hitch pins for the jeep I’m afraid one from the junk yard won’t be any use unless it is from the same model like a liberty 01/06 they are designed to fit each vehicle individually so one from a truck or a wrangler for instance would not be compatible.

With-it they can correct fitting towing hitch is very easy to fit just remove the towing eye and there is three bolt holes either side of the fuel tank and it fit perfect then you will need the ball or pin to clear/come out past the spare wheel otherwise you cannot hook anything on because the wheel is in the way, you can purchase this tow package off the net eBay etc. I recently paid about t£195 in the UK for the complete package including the wiring harness and reversing siren and also include a Bradley hitch ball and pin which is about £40 alone, so can’t be that expensive to buy new and save a lot of grief and time in doing so

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