Quest for the Perfect Yoga Mat

Most guys love to play football, rugby, or even a friendly game of basketball, I beg to differ. Unlike other men out there, I practice yoga. My anger problems led me to this discipline. Instead of attending an anger management session, my relatives urged me to pursue yoga. At first it was awkward because I was the only guy in the class, but soon after, I became comfortable with it.

For me, the first step you need to take as a yoga practitioner is not clearing your mind, breathing right, or doing hard poses, but to find the best yoga mat out there, for it will allow you to do everything. I actually had to get some advice from my yoga classmates before purchasing one because it appears that there are several factors I had to ponder on including the price of the mat, its texture, material, and so on. Thankfully I found an excellent one with a blue color, and it kept me company ever since.

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