Quality Patio & Outdoor Furniture

Has the right patio or outdoor furniture to be good looking? Yes, but partly. The most important thing is to have beauty accommodated into long lasting piece of furniture. Patio and outdoor furniture can be made from wood, metals plastic. Plastic furniture is significantly resistant to almost all weather changes. It is for this reason that they are widely used as outdoor furniture. Besides trend, wood remains the most preferred choice by many.

wooden dining set design outdoor furniture


This wood is among the few types of softwood that show significant resistance to decay. From the California sequoia tree, it naturally resists decay irrespective of seasonal variations in weather. The only disadvantage is its softness that makes it prone to dents and scratches.

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Pressure treated lumber

This refers to any type wood that has been dipped in chemicals and exposed to high pressure. This pressure ensures that this chemical fully penetrates into the wood. It is this chemical that enhances the resistance to decay and from attacks from insects.

teak wood patio furniture


It is because of its resistance to insects and decay that teak has found great application in making doors and outdoor furniture. The most important thing about teak is that it does not require any chemical treatment. Teak comes in a honey brown colour and usually it needs no additional painting. Considering the agents that patio and outdoor furniture are exposed to, choosing teak over other wood is a top class decision.

Therefore, considering the environment that your furniture is exposed to, choose the type that is best for that particular environment.

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