Bed Linens to Brighten the Season

Spring is here, and we felt a need for new bed linen to brighten up our bedroom. The colors available this spring are varied, and you do not need to spend a great deal of money to create that new look. We wanted something light with a bit of color, but not a heavy pattern. The different available patterns ranged from white on white patterns to geometric and flowers.

Our bedroom is mostly light soft forest green, and we wanted something that was mostly white, but also had some green and other colors. The pattern we picked has a small flower in pinks and fuchsias with several greens in the leaves. This matches in nicely with our color scheme and brings out the lovely pinks of two paintings we have hanging on the walls. Additionally, as our furniture is early Americana pine, the colors work well.

The sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover were very reasonably priced. The store also had duvets in the pattern, but as we already have a down duvet, we did not purchase this. It would have been nice if they offered a bed skirt, but as I have a nice white one already, I was not too worried. I love the look of the bright new colors and am so happy in my purchase.

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