Box Rooms – Practical and Stylish Storage in the Bedroom

Box rooms are notoriously hard to furnish, especially if it needs to be more than just a storage room and you have your heart set on turning it into a children’s bedroom or functional guest bedroom.

Creating the perfect box room certainly requires more than a little thought. If you’re trying to maximise space, then read on for practical and stylish storage solutions for your bedroom.

Utilise vertical storage space

Box rooms are inherently small in terms of available floor space. To maximise functionality, however, it’s imperative to look beyond floor space and utilise vertical storage space effectively too.

Bedroom storage doesn’t have to involve hiding things behind cupboard doors. The use of shelving can prove to be both a space-saver and something that adds an element of style to your box room.

Consider creating a set of shelves that run from floor to ceiling and fill them with a range of different items, including shoes, books, alarm clocks, wireless printers or pictures. There’s nothing to say you have to choose plain shelving either: consider utilising bold colours or stencils to create a prominent feature within the room.

Utilise under-bed space

In a box room, every square metre counts. No opportunity for storage should be overlooked. Instead of leaving dead space under your bed or filling the space with ungainly boxes, purchase a set of sliding draws. They are functional as well as stylish and will help maintain the clean lines in your room.

Dedicated shoe storage

We’ve all got a different pair of shoes for every occasion and if you’re part of a couple, you’re more than likely to have a wardrobe full of shoes between you.

Rather than trying to cram 30 pairs of shoes into the bottom of your wardrobe or into the corner of your room, consider investing in some dedicated shoe storage. A floor-to-ceiling dedicated shoe storage facility presents the opportunity to create a stylish feature within your room, as well as a functional bedroom storage unit.

Creating the illusion of space

If you’ve exhausted every avenue for creating space within your box room, it pays to remember that space is often a matter of perception. Instead of picking a wooden-fronted wardrobe, for example, selecting a wardrobe with a mirrored door creates the illusion of space, with light bouncing off the mirrors and making the room seem brighter and more spacious.

Call in the professionals

Box rooms come in all shapes and sizes, often with obtuse angles and measurements. It may be difficult, therefore, to purchase ready-made bedroom storage options that have style. In this scenario, companies such as Betta Living offer a cost-effective solution, designing storage facilities on your behalf, meaning that it’s customised to meet your specific requirements.

Customised bedroom storage may cost a little more, but if you want exceptional functionality that maximises space and exudes high-end style, the investment could well pay dividends.

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