Give Your Bedroom that Touch of Luxury

Acquiring a bit of luxury is a lot more democratic these days. Most of us can bring a touch of it to our homes, whether in the form of luxuriant fake-fur throw, a mini-chandelier or a deep, overstuffed sofa.

But the one place in your home that seems naturally suited to a hint of luxury is the bedroom – a place of sanctuary, privacy and rest, where silken fabrics, soft cushions and thick carpets can enliven your senses. Read on for some ideas on how to create this look and turn a bedroom into a boudoir.

The idea of luxury usually goes hand-in-hand with that of decadence. It’s an immediately recognisable style that has roots in both maximalism and minimalism, and while the latter has many, many merits, opting for the former is considerably more fun.

For maximalist luxury

This means really going to town. Wallpaper, despite having being out of style for a while, is back, and can be used to great effect in this instance. Flock wallpaper, in thick velvety crimsons, blacks and silvers, can be found in many high street department stores. If you don’t fancy the job of putting up wallpaper, however, you can paint your walls – midnight blue, deep red or even silver can work to create a lavish effect. Wardrobes with sliding red or black glass doors will complement this beautifully.

If you have bare floorboards, thick shag-carpeted rugs will look great against a black-painted, bare wooden floor. If money isn’t really an object for you, you could even have a deep-pile, snowy-white carpet laid.

For your walls, add imitation gilt-framed mirrors (or even real gilt – there such things going for next to nothing in junk and vintage shops). Silk or satin sheets, scatter cushions and heavy, plush, floor-length curtains, will bring both comfort and style. If you really want to add a special touch, the whole look can be exaggerated with the addition of a crimson chaise-lounge.

For minimalist luxury

If, on the other hand, you prefer your luxury to dazzle rather that seduce, you’ll want to go to the other extreme – a vision of Art Deco brilliance; something with the sparkle of platinum and diamonds, but at a realistic price.

If you paint your walls white and choose mirrored cabinets, chests of drawers and wardrobes with sliding, mirrored doors (or even white-glass doors), you’ll already be on your way to creating the illusion of space, which is great for a small room and even better for a large one.

Soft, white, fake-fur rugs can be bought inexpensively and tend to be much cheaper than their luxurious appearance and feel might suggest. If you want ultra-minimalism, you can just have your floors painted white and varnished. If you’ve got a nest egg, you could even go for white rubber flooring (which is fantastic, but needs gentle treatment).

Add Art Deco reproduction ornaments, an elegant white armchair (if you’ve room) and a shimmering chandelier, and you will have a bedroom that’ll put a dazzling smile on the faces of all who enter it.

Having a bit of luxury should be open to everyone – and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice form and function to achieve it. Fortunately, you don’t have to; check out Betta Living’s bedroom offers to whet your imagination.

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