Proper Storage for Small Bathrooms

There are times when small living quarters can be cozy and homey. One problem with small homes however, is that since rooms are smaller, that means less space for storage. Small bathrooms in particular, suffer the most from lack of proper storage space.

In order to fix this problem, it is important to buy furniture that is long, and not wide. This shape allows pieces to easily fit into even the tiniest of comfort rooms. Buy a long shelf with many rows to put away your shampoo, towels, combs, hair dryers and toilet paper neatly. Another idea is to purchase a medicine cabinet that acts double as a mirror on the outside. You can store your medication, face creams, mouth wash and other items in here as well. You can even put a small basket on top of your toilet, to keep face towels and cosmetics.

Making the most of small bathrooms may be tough, but not impossible. Just keep these tips in mind and you can never go wrong. Also remember to stay neat and avoid mess, for messy rooms are always more crowded than neat rooms.

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