When Contemporary Meets Classic

When it comes to interior design, it is as though there is always an obligation to adhere to the current trends and transform a home into the epitome of modern living, regardless of personal preferences.

Classic designs are often the most appropriate to some, the home they live, the area they reside, and simply due to their style choices yet houses should have a more contemporary and modern feel simply due to the different way in which people live.

Open plan living, making the most of the outdoor space, utilising the home to its full advantage and having areas that are suitably functional are the key elements to modern style and classical trends simply do not fulfil this way of living.

But never fear, with design there are always compromises; design can cater for a certain amount of personal interpretation and this means various styles can be combined to create an environment that is practical and stylish according to individual needs.

When it comes to combining a range of styles, the colour schemes, furniture, accessories and general style need to be effortlessly pulled together to create a new spin on the design that is being created and experts such as http://www.furnishinghomes.co.uk are able to provide the inspiration that is needed when classic meets with contemporary.

Classic and contemporary are the opposite ends of the spectrum and if done right the two can be paired in a way that brings classic concepts up to date whilst toning down the often outlandish vibrancy that comes with modern looks. Vibrant and bold colours can be easily incorporated with classic furniture pieces that are intricate and stylish, and easily transform a room into something that combines all of the greatest passions of design. There are so many design suggestions that can be brought together such as classically English elements that are inspired by the warming climates of Morocco. There simply is no limitation, no restriction although a large portion of common sense is required to ensure the home looks ultra stylish as opposed to overbearing and just plain gross!

Every room can take on its own interpretation of style and take on a new meaning, a new feeling and be a part of an atmosphere that is welcoming inviting and the epitome of style to the people that reside within the home. Your home means your rules and if you want to combine orange walls with plush red velvet sofas you should be able to do so, it obviously wont win any awards in the style stakes but design should not come with obligations and rules it should provide mere suggestions as to the things that look good and alter the way in which we look at the home but ultimately it should be an area of expression and great freedom. There are so many suggestions, so many styles, so many brilliant ideas that will slowly begin to fade out as they are replaced with things that are deemed to be bigger and better, so why not incorporate the best ideas and the ones that are personally preferred and produce a home that is the epitome of personal style and truly make a house a home.

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