Getting Children to Enjoy Bath Time

As babies most children love bath time – they’ll coo with delight and splash about quite merrily. However, slowly but surely, there comes a time when children start resisting bath time, when the mere mention of soapy suds will cause a (literally) filthy mutiny. This is when a revamped bathroom can help entice little ones back into the tub.

Make sure the bath itself is large and inviting. Installing an oversized jacuzzi instantly makes bath time a riot (in a good way). Only one drop of bubble bath and a press of the jet button and suddenly the bath is filled with bubbles. A large bath also makes it easier to fit siblings in together, which means playtime doesn’t need to stop – a common cause of bath time resistance.

Keeping a batch of bath friendly games to hand is another sensible idea. Install wall cladding instead of tiles to create a smooth surface for foam letters and numbers to teach spelling while splashing. Decor Cladding Centre has a gorgeous red shiny cladding that’ll contrast beautifully with stick on toys, making a striking backdrop to many happy baths.

Built in speakers and TVs are a modern, and easy, way to entice the little ones to scrub up. Making bedtime baths the time for nursery rhymes and games means that the primary function – removing the remains of the day’s mud pies – is quickly forgotten. If the TV screen can be hooked up to a DVD player or media hub choose a TV show with 15 minute episodes so that the kids know that one TV show is equivalent to one proper bath – no quick dip in and out!

Piping in classical music however, especially when coupled with low lighting, can create the perfect relaxing environment to help over excited children get ready for bed. Installing different lighting options – such as spotlights that are isolated from the main light source – it’s possible to make evening ablutions part of the bedtime routine. Choose coloured lights to make it a truly sensory experience – something widely regarded as great for developing children’s senses and motor skills.

To really entice them in using their senses be sure to use gorgeous, non-drying, bubble bath, preferably one that’ll turn the water a beautiful colour. And if all else fails go for crayon soaps so that even when getting clean they can make a glorious mess!

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