Making a Mega Mezzanine

As industrial production moves further and further east, the grand buildings of the mighty industrial revolution are sadly fast disappearing from the landscape. However, they are not all lost, as many are being refurbished for new uses, and predominantly as housing. When a single factory can be converted into several dozen flats and apartments it’s obvious where the attraction lies for developers.

One of the great attractions to tenants and buyers hoping to move into a converted flat is the combination of large, period feature windows and airy high ceilings. One major way to boost the saleability of a property is by installing a mezzanine level. The equivalent of adding an extra room, a mezzanine space is a major asset and will add invaluable equity to a property.

For a studio apartment, the mezzanine is a great place to build the sleeping area. For the New York loft apartment feel build a floor level wooden base and insert a luxury sprung mattress. If that’s all the space will be used for make the most of it by installing a super king size mattress and creating a cosy sleep nest. Cosy Mattress offer a range of sizes so that all spaces can be maximised, even if only a small double mattress will fit.

A bathroom is another great use for a raised area. By separating the washroom more floor space can be saved for the kitchen and living room area. A bathroom, after all, only needs to be functional, it does not need to be luxuriously large. Readymade bathroom pods can be bought and then easily installed meaning minimum effort.

However, sometimes it’s nice to turn the mezzanine into an area simply for recuperation. Make the raised space the living room, with beanbags, sofas, plants, a TV and soft lighting. This keeps relaxation time special as it’s comforting to know that once the stairs have been ascended you’re entering the calming haven.

And talking of the stairs why not make a statement with the choice of steps. A spiral staircase will always create drama in a room, and, like the bathroom pods, can be built offsite and then simply brought in to be installed. They also offer the option of being made in a complementary metal sympathetic to the building itself. Because the best way to keep history alive is to preserve it as practically as possible, and living in it is one of the best ways of all.

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