Making the Most of Your Kitchen Space: Top Space Saving Ideas

Despite being the room in the house that regularly has the most traffic, with people going back and forth in search of food or performing their everyday tasks, such as organising the banking at the kitchen table or doing the ironing, the kitchen is often one of the smallest rooms in the house.

This presents a series of problems, especially around meal times when you’re trying to do work or cook dinner and you’ve got others in the room. You do have the option of trying to make extensions to the room or buying smaller appliances, such as a slimline dishwasher or oven, but quite often there still isn’t enough space.

So how do you go about making extra room in your kitchen to cope with the demands of the family? Using the space on the walls is one really simple and creative idea. You can buy cutlery that is magnetic, such as large knives for carving the roast dinner, and a magnetic strip mounted to the wall can give you somewhere to hang them, freeing up drawer space and meaning you don’t need a bulky knife block on the counter.

Hooks can also help, and are relatively inexpensive, allowing you to take pots and pans off your shelves or out of your cupboards (hanging them from the wall instead) to provide extra storage space for other items.

Furniture is almost essential in any kitchen – especially if it’s a kitchen/dining room – but it takes up so much space. If at all possible, try and invest in the kind of furniture that can be stacked. For example, stools that have no backs will allow you to push the stools right under the table, so you’re not trying to move around all the chairs. Alternatively, if you have a sliding dining table, make sure you tuck it away when it isn’t in use.

The corners are often parts of the room that there’s no use for, simply because the cupboards meet there. Try utilising corner drawers, which slide out into a full size drawer space, allowing you to free up space for your other essential bits and bobs.

A space is what you make of it. If you think ‘outside the box’, like many interior designers, you can make much more of the room than you might believe, leaving you kicking yourself wondering how you never had that idea before.

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