Simple Fix to Organize Your Closet

Our closet is responsible for storing our clothes and conceals what’s going on inside it. Hanged clothes, folded shirts and undergarments are the normal setting. We also have separate storage boxes in it where we put little stuff like scarves, socks, handkerchiefs and so on. This might not be the case for everyone though.

We only realize that it’s time to fix our closet’s mess when we can’t find what we need to wear or want to use. It makes it worse if we are running late and cannot locate our lucky tie or the correct pair of sock or find your skirt is crumpled.

End this chaos by disposing or donating clothes you haven’t used for a year and start making space in your closet. Buy hangers of the same style, you can do color coding and have uniformity inside. Hang clothes in an area where everything belongs; say all long-sleeved clothes at the right end of the closet followed by polo and polo shirts, then regular shirts and so on. Fold all the clothes that you wear at home and stack them together. Use a small bucket to store your rolled pair of socks. This can take you more or less an hour to do this but keep it that way and you will be stress free and happy.

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