The Lowdown on Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors are not like the typical contraption you see on your own home garage. It is bigger, wider, and used for businesses, and commercial establishments. However, like an ordinary garage door, the commercial type is utilized to house vehicles, secure several products, and protect items from the forces outside. It uses commercial garage door products that assist in its movement, from opening, to closing it down. Below are some of the things you need to know before placing one in your own establishment.

Sizes and Uses:

Commercial garage doors have no specific size. You can custom fit it for your business any time you want. For the usage, commercial garage doors are often seen on businesses that cater to automobiles. However, it is not solely limited to that purpose, as it can be handy in any type of establishment. It can also be seen on a warehouse, supermarket storage, and in any other industrial site needing strong and versatile doors.


This type of garage door can be made using the following materials; wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and steel. Among the four given, the latter is still the most popular because of its durability, looks, and long lasting feature. Fiberglass is rarely used nowadays, but some people still prefer it over steel. In the meantime, wood is utilized because of its cozy and classic appeal. Lastly, aluminum is lightweight, so if people want sturdy commercial garage door material sans the bulk, then they go for this.

Safety and Security:

Commercial garage doors are one hundred percent safe. They will not come crashing down your head because of the safety feature involved, especially if the door you have is intricate and uses a sensor to recognize if someone is passing through. Also, they are easy to operate as commercial garage door openers nowadays are automatic. With regards to the security feature, you can go from a classic padlock, to a more complicated rolling code feature.

Commercial garage doors will make your life easier. Because of them rest assured that all your products, plus the items you are entrusted to safe keep is secured and protected. Do not use cheap materials for the door and its parts so it will continue to do its job perfectly for a long time.

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