Perfect Outdoor Games for your Kids

It is true that indoor games are to blame for the ever increasing weight related health complications. Technological advancements in TV gamming are to blame for this condition. Children are nowadays spending lots of time indoors than when playing in their backyard. There is plenty that Kids can do in the backyard. Outdoor games will always improve your kid’s attention besides the health factor. Here are three of my best get out and play games that I would recommend to any kid/parent.

Tag game Kids

Frisbee football

This game is such a simple one to understand. By using a common Frisbee your kids can enjoy football. This game has passing and scoring as it main objectives. The moment you receive the ball you take a number of steps and pass it to your team mate. Whenever a scoring chance presents itself, throw the ball past the goal line and have your teammate catch it.

Tag game

The details about this game are very simple to understand. It because this that you can find very young children participating with ease. This games starts be selecting someone “it”. After this everyone runs away and the “it” chases the other kids to tag them who in turn become “it” when tagged. The process continues.

Treasure hunt

Depending on the person conducting it, this game can be fun to play. If at all you can’t have it around the neighbourhood having it on your backyard is also fulfilling. With shovels, toothpastes, dirt etc. this game is perfect for younger kids.

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