The Latest Trend in Flooring

Just as home furnishing trends and interior design color trends change, so do flooring trends. Therefore, if you are about to embark on a home remodeling or updating project, or if you are soon going to be making flooring choices for a new home that is in the construction stage, you will want to explore what is called the fastest growing part of the home flooring industry. Luxury vinyl is the name of this newest flooring option that is gaining so much attention and respect. If visions of vinyl flooring from the past flash through your mind, you may think that combining the word luxury with vinyl is a bit odd. However, the new vinyl flooring is very different from anything from long ago.

You can see more on Konecto flooring at places such as South Shore Flooring. As you research this new vinyl flooring, you will find that it is respected for its ability to resist fading, stains and scratches. This type of flooring is thick which enables it to cover imperfections in subflooring and provide a quieter type of flooring for your home. Installation is quick and easy. Perhaps one of the most appealing features of luxury vinyl flooring is its diversity. You can select from styles that look and feel like real wood, stone and tile. You’ll also appreciate how easy this type of flooring is to care for. A daily sweep and an occasional damp mopping is all that’s required to keep your floor looking beautiful.

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