A Magnificent Display to See the Outside World

Do you agree that most of the homemakers are using fashion trends in almost everything? An example: layers of winter clothes protect the body from cold weather. A pair of nice gloves, scarf and a hat would complete the ensemble. The result would be extraordinary window treatment that adds enormous personality to a room.

A traditional curtain has three layers: (1) the sheer curtain, (2) the draw curtain, and (3) the over-drapery. Sheer curtain uses a light, translucent fabric that allows cool breeze of air to pass through but filters the light. A best example is voile and cotton lace fabric. The draw curtain and the over drapery uses an opaque fabric absorbing light and sound and helps regulate temperature in a room. Velvet and silk are an example of this material. Window accessories may be visible as valance board; the belt or the curtain tie back paired with holsters by the wall holding the gathered drape in place by either or both side of the wall. These layers are still being use to make very formal and warm rooms now a day.

If a room in your house has no focal point try to dressing up a window. It will be a remarkable point of attraction in your lovely home.

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